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SupadElixir advances into the cosmetic market based on peptide application technology
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  • DATE 2018-09-07 00:00:00
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SupadElixir Co., Ltd. announced on the 20th that it will enter the cosmetics business based on peptide application technology. The company is about to introduce five products of HAHN’S PEPTIDE, derma cosmetics brand. The five products passed the primary irritation test through 24-hour skin patch and were proven for their safety and reliability. HAHN’S PEPTIDE’s five new products will be introduced by this fall. We are in contact with distributors such as home shopping network and offline vendors in various ways to promote sales,” said a company official.


SupadElixir is a venture company developing peptides and new protein drugs, founded by professor Han Jang-hee at Kangwon National University School of Medicine in 2009.

He registered a US patent in the field of anti-aging with Dr. Chalfie based on the results of the research that he conducted as a postdoctoral researcher at the lab of Dr. Marty Chalfie, who is the 2008 Nobel Prize laureate in chemistry.

Since appointed to the Kangwon National University in 1997, he has devoted himself to the research of anti-aging and anti-inflammatory peptide for more than two decades.


Peptide is the protein fragments composed of 2-50 amino acids. SupadElixir focuses on developing small peptides with small molecular that are composed of 3-4 amino acids. These peptides are safe as they are derived from human proteins, and have excellent functionality as they were selected by efficacy tests. They are excellent biomaterials, which are very stable even under severe conditions and have a lot of advantages in productivity.

The company explains one of the greatest advantages of their products is usability; thanks to the high skin penetration rate, peptides are delivered to the dermis layer of the skin just by applying products  without having to use an additional device.

SupadElixir has so far developed more than 50 peptides.


Among them, SE101 peptide has an excellent inhibitory effect on inflammation and new blood vessel formation so is currently developed as a new drug material effective for various inflammation-related diseases. The company plans to develop SE105 as an alternate new drug material for insulin that activates glucose uptake in muscle cells and fat cells, regulating glucose metabolism.


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