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HAHN’S PEPTIDE unveiled Ultimate Relief Mask
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  • DATE 2018-09-07 00:00:00
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Ultimate Relief Mask is a medical sheet mask that hydrates the dry skin and calms the skin irritated by dermatologic procedures.


This product has passed skin irritation test. It is made from thin and cohesive 100 percent natural cellulosic fabric sheet from bamboo, effectively delivering nutrition to the skin. The product’s major peptide ingredient BINTERIN, a 3-mer peptide derived from CD99, human protein, relieves and calms irritated skin.

Binterin, a patented ingredient, was proven for its soothing effects by dermatologists across the United States after being included as a core ingredient of exclusive products used after dermatological procedures manufactured by Aesthetic Biomedical Inc. and Omni Biomedical Inc., US dermatological device distributors.


“The newly launched Ultimate Relief Mask Pack passed the skin irritation test and was proven for its safety. The Ultimate Relief Mask Pack and other products containing HAHN’S PEPTIDE’s patented ingredients will treat various skin problems and maintain the skin resiliency from the exposure of harmful external elements especially during the changing season,” said the company.


HAHN’S PEPTIDE currently develops not just new drugs but a new peptide as a cosmetic ingredient based on its R&D technology. Its Ultimate Relief Cream, which helps to calm and brighten the skin, is exported to countries including the US, Vietnam and Russia and loved by many consumers at home and abroad.


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