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100 reviewers from Allure Korea give positive reviews to Ultimate Relief cream
  • NAME 관리자
  • DATE 2021-05-21 00:00:00
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The survey was conducted on 100 Allure Korea reviewers who had provided with Ultimate Relief cream and used it. 100% of the critiques have answered ‘Yes’ to the following three questions. 'Did you feel mild without irritation on your skin?', 'Did you settle for fast absorption without stickiness?', and 'Are you satisfied with the product in general?' In addition, 93.8% of the reviewers said they felt the effects of sebum control after use, while 96.3% of the reviewers said their sensitive skin seemed to calm down after use.

Hahn's Peptide Ultimate Relief Cream, as known as turquoise Cream, helps soothe skin that has become irritated due to wearing a mask and higher temperatures. SE-Tripeptide, an exclusive ingredient of SupadElixir, balances the skin's oil and moisture and helps soothe the skin. SE-Tripeptide is a tripeptide with a small molecular weight of lower than 500 daltons, which has high skin permeability. Also, the Ultimate Relief Cream contains licorice extracts and allantoin that help soothe and converge skin. Hahn’s Peptide Ultimate Relief Cream consists of the EWG rating of 1 or 2 ingredients, excluding PEG ingredients, synthetic perfume, animal ingredients, ethanol, artificial pigments, and mineral oils that may irritate the skin.

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