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YOUNG-IN FRONTIER made equity investments in a peptide bio-venture, which is about to be registered by the FDA
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  • DATE 2017-01-20 00:00:00
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YOUNGINFRONTIER, which specializes in antibodies for research, has acquired a stake in peptide-based bio-venture to enter the peptide drug market.


The company announced on the 18th that it acquired 6,667 shares (3.2% stake) of SupadElixir, a leading peptide bio-venture company.


Peptide medicines are the minimum functional unit of proteins that have to do with controlling function and the transaction of vital signs. Only very small amounts of them can treat diseases thanks to their strong active and pharmacological actions.


The number of clinical trials are on the rapid rise as the clinical success rate of new drugs is much higher than that of low-molecular compounds.


SupadElixir, founded in 2009, is ​​a bio-venture company specializing in peptides. It possesses know-how and technologies to develop peptide drugs and peptide cosmetic candidates.


It currently possesses 40 kinds of anti-inflammatory, anticancer, anti-allergic and anti-angiogenesis substances as well as nine patents granted


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