Company to promote health and beauty through high-tech life science innovations
More than 50 functional tripeptides produced
30 patents registered
8 functional cosmetics and 3 OTC drugs developed
SupadElixir is a global bioscience company striving to improve the quality of human life,
particularly with regard to health and beauty, by using “Tripeptide,” a powerful ingredient for intensive treatments for the body.
Prof. JH Hahn, who conducted his postdoctoral studies in the laboratory of Dr. Martin Chalfie (Novel prize winner in 2008), founded SupadElixir in December 2009 as a bioscience company and developed over 40 kinds of valid peptides and patented more than 30 of them. With excellent tripeptides that have a molecular weight less than 500 Daltons, SupadElixir has developed high-functioning cosmeceutical products and OTC products listed in USA’s FDA. SupadElixir’s innovative bioscience technology opens new prospects in the fields of biomedical sciences.



  • Innovative development of new materials
    Development of the world's first functional peptide, Binterin™, which is similar to CD99 that regulates the inflammation reaction, and development of over 50 tripeptides with tremendous value in medicine and skin care.
  • Original patents and
    published academic papers
    Original patents obtained for functional peptides, including 13 domestic patents in medicine and skin related fields, 6 overseas patents, and PCT patents, and articles published in a variety of SCI journals.
  • Continuing new product
    The development of OTC products and medicines using a complex process with the best functional peptides that show efficacy when applied to the skin.


To create innovative biodrugs
Innovative Bio-drugs
To improve the quality of life for humans suffering from
disease through the development of innovative new drugs.
To produce innovative cosmeceutical peptides
Innovative Cosmeceutical Peptides
To promote the use of SE-Tripeptide™, an effective ingredient with
superior skin absorption, to enhance beauty.


  • Customer-centric
    To be a company that considers the customer first
  • Confidence and responsibility
    To fulfill our company mission with confidence, sincerity, and responsibility
  • Technological innovation
    To become THE world-class, sought-after, TRIPEPTIDE company


- Exporting Hahn’s peptide to EU esthetic, spa salon
- Exporting Hahn’s peptide to Hungary & Moldova
- Conducting preclinical studies for a new drug candidate
- Acquired global IP Certification of leading group
- Acquired IPCERT Certification of management group
- ‘Ultimate Relief cream’ selected as an Eco Friendly product
- Exhibitor in Cosmoprof Global Italy
- Exhibitor in Cosmoprof North America Las Vegas
- Exhibitor in Inter-Charm Korea
- Selected as outstanding promising export company in Government Assistance Project
- Registered EU CPNP certification of all Hahn’s peptide products
- Exporting Hahn’s peptide 6 products to Vietnam
- Developed a Jointly Developed Product which is post aesthetic ampule
- Exported a Tripeptide to Thailand
- Conducted 6 efficacy tests for new drug development
- Launched New Product Doctor Hahn Sports Gel
- Exporting 3Phryme, Hahn’s Peptide Ultimate Relief Cream to Vietnam and Malaysia.
- Exporting Hahn’s Peptide Ultimate Relief Cream to US Aesthetic shops.
- Exporting Binterin to US pharma company
- Exhibitor in IECS New York 2018
- Exhibitor K-Beauty show in Vietnam 2018
- YOUNGIN FRONTEER equity investment (Share ratio 3.2%)
- Registered 3 OTC Drug products in US FDA
- Exhibitor in Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2017
- Exhibitor in BIO International Convention 2017
- Exhibitor in Osong Beauty Expo 2017
- Exporting Enhance Weekly Mask & Boost Glide Serum to US Aesthetic
- Exhibitor in HPCI CEE Poland
- Exhibitor in-Cosmetics Asia 2017
- 3P serum and cream, Dr Hahn soothing and several OEM/ODM products started to expand the markets to the US, South Asia and other countries.
- In addition to cosmetic markets, the market is extended to OTC drug markets in the US with a new development of analgesic, skin protectant and post-sunscreen soothing OTC products.
- Binterin, Winhibin and Enfibin tripeptides were applied for the US, Japan and PCT patents.
- Ilonerin tripeptide was also INCI named and PCPC registered.
- Mitefin whitening tripeptide was selected as one of the promising development projects by SMBA.
- 4 x Aqua Peel products, a post laser soothing product and a diet body-managing cosmetic product were also launched.
- In addition to Binterin soothing mask and serum, 3P serum was also launched for the US market.
-‘3PRHYME’ serum and cream product for wrinkle enhancement was commercially produced.
- Bamboo Beauty, a whitening combo of aqua skin and lotion, was also successfully launched for the market.
- Dr Hahn soothing serum, cream and masks were also launched and started to be commercialized by our US distributor successfully.
- Some more tripeptides were applied for PCT patents and Enfibin, Adiponin and Winhibin were INCI-named and PCPC-registered.
- 4 SE-tripeptides like Synepin, Syndermin, Binterin and Tenefrin were INCI-named and PCPC registered as cosmetic Ingredients.
- Some of our major tripeptides were registered for PCT and patents in the US, Japan, EU and China.
- The development project of anti-inflammation and soothing cosmetic product using our Binterin anti-inflammation tri-peptide was selected as a promising subject by the Korean SMBA (Korean Small and Medium Business Administration).
- While focusing on the research and development of bio new drugs using tripeptides, in 2012, a new business of cosmetic, cosmeceutical and OTC drug products using SupadElixir’s own exclusively patented tripeptide was launched.
- Established as a bio-venture company.