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Hahn's Peptide, selected as '2021 Korea Green Product of the Year' 3 years in a row
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  • DATE 2021-08-13 00:00:00
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Hahn’s Peptide Ultimate Relief Cream was selected as the '2021 Korea Green Product of the Year' hosted by the non-profit civic group Korean Green Purchasing Network, and was awarded the '3rd consecutive award-winning company award'.

Green Product of the Year is selected by voting after consumers directly experience and evaluate the environmental improvement effect of the product through the review and consultation of the expert committee.Hans Peptide's Ultimate Relief Cream was selected as the '2021 Republic of Korea Green Product of the Year (hereinafter referred to as the 'All Green Award') hosted by the non-profit civic group Green Purchasing Network, and achieved the feat of winning the '3rd consecutive award winning company'.


This award was established by a civic group to encourage companies to produce green products and revitalizing the green product market by providing reliable information and inducing green purchases. The environmental improvement effect is checked not only in terms of product quality but also in the overall product development process.


Ultimate Relief Cream excludes animal-derived ingredients and does not contain suspected harmful ingredients such as artificial colors, synthetic flavorings, ethanol, and mineral oil. Surfactants also used 100% plant-derived surfactants to replace polyethylene glycol (PEG) surfactants, which are controversial.


In addition, it is a product developed as a safety formula that prescribes the ultra-low molecular weight peptide, SE-Tripeptide™ (Binterin, Winhibin), and EWG green grade ingredients developed with SupadElixir's independent biotechnology.


As a representative product of Hahn’s Peptide, it has been receiving a lot of love by consumers with sensitive skin who secrete excessive sebum due to its rapid absorption and healthy skin improvement.

The official from SupadElixir Co., Ltd. quoted as saying, “This award is the result of continuous research to create environment-friendly materials using the SE-Tripeptide™ platform technology. We plan to develop and launch sustainable products.”


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